Odette England

Posted on 13 August 2010

Light House set to showcase first UK exhibition by award winning photographer fresh from its debut in New York

Light House is excited to announce the first UK showing of exhibition As Above So Below by photographer Odette England, fresh from its debut in New York. Odette’s exhibition marks a study of geography, belief systems and the natural flows of nature. The series of photographs were made during an Artist Research Residency at Australia’s Arid Zone Research Station and document the vast desert landscape of Southern Australia – a traditional home of indigenous peoples. The exhibition will be on show from Friday 27 August – Friday 22 October and admission is free. For more information visit www.light-house.co.uk

Odette’s exhibition is inspired by the phrase ‘as above, so below’. This is a belief which indigenous cultures live by: that the heavens and the earth are the foundation of all creatures, including themselves. Land and sky are more than just geographical icons; they are mirrors in which they see themselves reflected. Odette’s images of the landscape are taken from directly above and below a single standing point, brought together as a double exposure. Odette combines what otherwise exists separately, to explore the significance of primal ‘middle ground’ where humankind resides.

Odette took the photographs during an Artist Research Residency in Australia. Odette was appointed as a Visiting Fellow by the University of New South Wales, to live and work at the Arid Zone Research Station of the Imaging the Land Research Institute (ILIRI) from May – June 2009. ILIRI is Australia’s only research institute concerned with artistic interpretation of the science of land.

Photographer Odette England said. “I love the idea of photography being able to show or insinuate ‘invisible stuff’ that otherwise can’t be seen. My aim with this series was to document my surrounds in such a way that rethink notions of land ownership and control by exploring the relationship between surface and subject matter. It’s really a study of ‘middle space’ – I’ve collapsed two things that never come together (sky and ground) to make something new. A key motivator for me in undertaking this residency was that living so remotely meant I seriously questioned the way I work. I was forced to confront not only the physical isolation of the desert but also the habits and conventions of making photographs.”

Odette England is an Australian artist currently based in Rhode Island. She is a graduate of the University of South Australia and City of Westminster College (London). Her photographs have been exhibited in France, United Kingdom, Canada and the United States. In 2010, she was named a winner of the Flash Forward Emerging Photographers award for the second year running.

As Above So Below by Odette England will be on show at Light House Gallery from Fri 27 Aug – Fri 22 Oct. Admission free, all welcome. For more information about Light House Galleries and exhibitions visit light-house.co.uk or call Light House Box Office on 01902 716055.

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